Sunbreak Games LLC is a small independent game development studio founded in 2012 in the Great Pacific Northwest. A term heard often locally, a “sun break” describes the uplifting sight of warm sunshine momentarily breaking through cloudy skies.

But Sunbreak Games’ namesake is more than just a nod to local weather; it’s symbolic of a different way of approaching games. Sunbreak is a unique place, dedicated to creating magical family-friendly experiences, with a principled emphasis on quality craftsmanship, innovation, and accessibility from production all the way to finished product.

At Sunbreak, we strive to achieve the following ideals:

  • Small-Scale teams, schedules, and content.
  • Unique product features and innovations.
  • Principled craftsmanship and design philosophy.
  • Family-Accessible content and usability focus.

And most importantly, we believe that interactive entertainment can be an enriching experience with a Positive Impact, capable of more than just passing time.