Interested in creating new worlds at Sunbreak Games?

Sunbreak is looking for talented game developers who are dedicated to the art & science of their craft, excited to explore new spaces, and who believe in the positive potential impact of interactive entertainment experiences.

Sunbreak is currently developing downloadable games and interactive books for iOS and similar platforms.

Please send all questions, resumes, and samples to:

info (at) sunbreakgames (dot) com.

Available Positions:

Lead Programmer (Unity)

Help transform an award-winning environmental children’s book into an animated, interactive tablet experience with a positive message for young audiences (and part of the proceeds going to charity). Lead the technical implementation of UI, audio, 2D art/anim tools, mini-games, and iOS App distribution.


  • Work with Sunbreak’s veteran leadership in a small-team environment, to rapidly iterate and tune an interactive book from prototype to shipped App.
  • Work with Artists to establish high-quality 2D animation and UI pipelines.
  • Create a reusable Unity-based interactive book engine framework.
  • Implement at least 1 additional creative “mini-game” mode to enhance the iBook experience.


  • 4-year computer science degree, or equivalent.
  • At least 2 shipped titles, or personal/ academic project equivalent.
  • Proficient coding in C/C#.
  • Experience in Unity.
    • Preferred: Have shipped at least one Unity product.
  • Experience on touchscreen devices.
    • Preferred: Have shipped at least one iOS product.
  • Clear, regular cross-discipline team communication skills (remotely as needed)
    • Preferred: Meet semi-regularly with local Kirkland, WA team

Part-Time (10-20hr/wk) fine, with commitment to project completion (4-6 months estimated). Compensation will primarily be capped revenue-share: There is some risk, but you will be part of a passionate indie team working together to make the world a better place.